“WorldClassGolf.com just has such tremendous value!”

“All the things Craig implemented worked right out of the box!”

“This way I can help make the game more fun!”

Charles Morgan is with World Class Golf

Having taken 20 years to figure out what Craig explained in one video All I can say Is Thank You! Back in the day I read every book and hit 1000’s of range balls to get that feel. Now after a long layoff I stepped out back and was compressing balls over the barn roof within a few minutes. A picture worth a 1000 swings, I believe Bryon Nelson said he couldn’t have a pocket watch on the right side because his downswing would wear his trousers out. Now I see why, thanks again for the effort.

Walter Garrison is with World Class Golf

I have watched a lot of stuff on the net. This platform is the best by a long shot it’s simply amazing! There is so much there for anyone regardless of what levels you are at you can search for your problem area and there it is. Brilliant!

Andrew Rosen is with World Class Golf

This is without a doubt the best self-teaching platform in the world. It’s simply amazing. Finally, something that gives all golfers the actual facts the right corridors to play better golf. Brilliant!

Graham is with World Class Golf

Just wanted to write a quick message to say I shot my lowest score last Saturday with 72, one over the par 71 for that course. It was also at a competition and I was playing off 12 handicap. I won the comp, haha. I subscribed to WCG in October 2021 and was then about 16 or 17 handicap, even though i’d shot a couple of rare rounds at 77 and 79 I was still regularly shooting 90+. I eventually filmed my swings and sent them over to Craig for my one and only swing analysis in February 2022, and have been practicing what he showed me ever since, and still refer back to it now. Focusing on getting my right knee over the ball before the hands (which took 5 months to finally get somewhere near right), and then on releasing the club properly, turning my forearms, instead of flipping it with my hands. I feel like I’ve finally got a swing I can repeat and rely on now. 18 months ago I was a 32 handicap, today I’m a 9. For the first time ever I’m a single digit handicap and I’m still in shock. Cheers Craig, this stuff definitely works if you put the effort in.

Bill Kendall is with World Class Golf

WorldClassGolf.com is the best self-teaching platform I’ve ever seen. Craig Hanson is not only an innovator – he’s one of the best instructors.


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Craig Hanson

Craig Hanson

Professional Golf Instructor

  • Has worked with countless PGA professionals, who have won throughout the world: PGA Tour, European Tour Asian Tour and Australian Tour
  • Has taught many of the worlds leading amateur players
  • Has given over 30.000 lessons internationally
  • Has won over 14 professional events
  • Works in connection with the worlds leading bio mechanic specialists and coaches
  • Creator of the swing style “Deep to Shallow”

Dr. Robert J. Neal

CEO & Founder at Golf BioDynamics Inc.

  • Regular Television Guest on the Golf Channel
  • Has taught 550 PGA Players
  • Has worked with 10 1 players
  • The World’s Leading Biomechanic Golf Instructor
  • Teacher of PGA Tour Players and Instructors
  • International Podcasts, Seminars, Webinars
  • The Leader of Evidence Based Material
Lucas R. is with World Class Golf

Joining World Class Golf Instruction was the best decision I’ve made for my golf game. Craig Hanson’s techniques are incredibly effective and easy to understand. Within weeks, I saw a dramatic improvement in my accuracy and consistency. It’s like having a personal coach with me every time I hit the course!

Ethan M. is with World Class Golf

World Class Golf Instruction isn’t just a course; it’s a transformation. Craig Hanson’s insights have not only improved my swing but also my understanding of the game. I’m hitting longer, more accurate shots and enjoying golf more than ever!

Michael T. is with World Class Golf

From skeptical to believer – that’s my journey with World Class Golf Instruction. Craig Hanson’s expertise shines in every lesson, making complex concepts accessible. My drives are stronger, and my scores are the proof!

Owen P. is with World Class Golf

I was skeptical about online golf coaching, but Craig Hanson’s World Class Golf Instruction changed my mind. The video series is top-notch, and the ‘Deep to Shallow’ lesson alone shaved strokes off my game. My friends are amazed at how much my swing has improved. Thanks, Craig, for helping me fall in love with golf all over again!

Alex R. is with World Class Golf

Thanks to Craig Hanson, I’ve finally conquered the greens! His personalized approach and clear instructions on World Class Golf Instruction have helped me refine my technique and lower my handicap. It’s a game-changer!

Connor P. is with World Class Golf

World Class Golf Instruction has been an eye-opener. Craig Hanson’s dedication to teaching and improving your game is evident in every video. I’ve gained confidence and skills that have translated into real results on the course!

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“I have watched a lot of stuff on the net. This platform is the best by a long shot it’s simply amazing! There is so much there for anyone regardless of what levels you are at you can search for your problem area and there it is. Brilliant!”

John Brennan
United States