Practice Programs / Muscle Memory

42 Videos • 2 hr 2 min

Practicing with a purpose!
Welcome to World Class Golf Instruction practice programs.

Practicing effectively is one of most important elements for a golfer, the recipe for success. It assists us in getting the most out of our time and effort.
It helps us ingrain new movements and maintain our game. It helps keep bad habits at bay and build confidence.

Would you like to add something to your practice routine? Do you have a plan for your practice? Is your practice at times counter productive? Are you ingraining bad habits? Does practice actually make perfect? Can I practice and actually get worse?

We are going to answer all these questions throughout this video series and the written information supplied. In this area you will not only be able to print out and follow practice sessions – you will be able to go through the corresponding videos that give you an in-depth view on how pros and advanced players practice to get the most out of their games. We will be looking at Maintenance training, Technique training, and Simulation training.

Get the the most out of your time by learning the principles of great effective practice.