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“Craig Hanson I have been working with Craig Hanson for several years, and he immediately impressed me with his ability to identify and use my specific strengths and weaknesses to make my swing the best it can be, rather than try to fit it to a certain style or system.

Since then, he has continued to learn and refine his eye and teaching skills–he can make a complex topic simple and easy to understand and apply to your swing–to become without a doubt one of the world’s best golf instructors. Because of my busy playing schedule (and now our inability to travel), I rely on his Online Instruction almost exclusively to improve my game.

I have recommended many of my friends and colleagues to Craig Hanson and they have all benefited tremendously from his knowledge. Don’t keep putting off your potential! Book an online lesson with Craig today!”

Dodge Kemmer
International Tour Professional, Asian Tour Player
the iron series