What Our Users Say About World Class Golf Instruction

Craig Hanson has improved me totally as a golfer. His knowledge and passion his ability to convey information over in a clear and easy to understand manner is brilliant. This platform will blow you away!

David Diaz

International Tour Pro /Japanese Tour Player

This is without a doubt the best self-teaching platform in the world. It’s simply amazing. Finally, something that gives all golfers the actual facts the right corridors to play better golf.

Paul Spargo

International Tour Pro & Professional Instructor

Top quality instruction with amazing production and graphics. Combining this with being taught how to analyse my own swing makes this a unique product and a thoroughly enjoyable instructional experience which will improve anyone’s golf game.

Robbie Cannon

Irish Amateur Champion and Owner of Cannon Performance / TPI FP3

Craig Hanson is without a doubt one of best Professional Instructors in world golf. What a fantastic self-teaching platform. I can only recommend any aspiring golfer at whatever level to join World Class Golf Instruction.

Robin Symes

Leading Professional Instructor – Teacher of US
Ladies Open Champion – Na Yeon Choi

WorldClassGolf.com is the best self-teaching platform I’ve ever seen. Craig Hanson is not only an innovator – he’s one of the best instructors.

David Diaz

Professional Golfer and Multiple Tour Champion

This platform blew my mind when I first saw it. I mean the quality of instruction is world class. They actually teach you how to analyse your swing with your phone and show you the exact corridors and parameters of what the top coaches and top players look it. Finally!

Tony Collier

Tony Collier
Victorian State Trainer of the year 2016

Craig is an extremely knowledgeable golf coach who is incredibly motivated and enthusiastic. He helped me make some huge changes in my swing which have really helped my consistency & confidence. If you want to improve your swing or short game, Craig can definitely help you achieve your goals.

Nick Cullen

Australian Masters Champion

Craig Hanson is the most enthusiastic coach I’ve ever worked with. As a tour pro, I am constantly travelling throughout the world and his online training is amazing and reliable at any time. His understanding of the different types of swings and the components that match up to them is simply brilliant. He’s a great short game trainer, motivator, and mental coach, definitively one of the game’s best instructors.

Terry Pilkadaris

Australian Touring Professional

I highly recommend Craig Hanson’s training to all levels of golfers. His understanding of the golf swing is 2nd to none. He doesn’t over complicate. He always finds a way to help you hit it better. And his knowledge on putting is simply brilliant. His online training is very impressive, and he uses the best modern-day technology in his training. I can highly recommend him.

Leigh Deagan

Touring Professional

I’ve never met a teacher with a more rounded talent in teaching the game of golf. His understanding of not only the swing but mental side of the game separates him from some of great teachers in the game.
His enthusiasm for the game and desire to keep learning is second to none! He has the ability to teach anyone with any method without changing their whole make up which is truly an art in which he’s developed over the years.
Craig online lessons are simple fantastic! I highly recommend Craig to anyone who wants to be the best they want to be.

Mark Hensby

U.S. PGA Tour winner
European Tour winner
3rd in U.S. Open
5th in U.S. Masters
President Cup player

I’ve been lucky enough to spend some quality time on the range with Craig over the last few Australian summers. It’s wonderful to spend time with a golf instructor who is so passionate about the game of golf.
I have been interested to hear his concepts on the game and I’ve found them to be on the money. I would recommend him to any aspiring golfer. He is no doubt in my opinion a coach of the future.

Peter Lonard

U.S. PGA tour winner
2 x Australian Open Champion
2 x Australian Masters Champion
3 x Australian P.G.A Champion
Multiple worldwide PGA victories

I’ve been fortunate to work with many great coaches all around Europe but by far Craig has been the best. His passion is incredible and it’s what separates him from the rest in my eyes. He goes above and beyond to help you technically, physically and mentally. His knowledge is huge, but he still continues his desire to learn.
Craig’s online learning system has been a massive help to my game over the previous number of years and since I am frequently travelling on tour this is a massive advantage for me.
No doubt he will help you play better golf.

Gareth Shaw

European Challenge Tour player

I have watched a lot of stuff on the net. This platform is the best by a long shot it’s simply amazing! There is so much there for anyone regardless of what levels you are at you can search for your problem area and there it is.

John Brennan

John Brennan
United States

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