Gold Membership Guidelines

Welcome to the Private Coaching Program. Let’s take a look at some of the exciting possibilities and guidelines when working with your new coach Craig Hanson.

Included Online Lessons

  • 6 Online Swing Analysis lessons every 12 months.
  • No lesson carry-over possible. Every year there are only a maximum of 6 lessons included.
  • The available lessons are reset at the day of payment with a valid subscription of the gold membership.
  • Each student has 1 Swing Analysis on any area of the game they decide within every 8 week period.
  • Additional lessons can be bought separately.

Private Messaging with Professional Golf Instructor Craig Hanson:

  • You can contact Craig Hanson privately preferred via WhatsApp
  • You can leave written or voice messages
  • Here you can ask questions about your golf, give feedback and exchange information privately with Craig
  • Feedback and communication between student and coach is essential to improving as a golfer
  • Discretion is advised. This is Craig’s personal mobile phone so please respect that. Just keep in mind the amount of questions asked at any one time.
  • Important notice! –  Craig does not look at swings or comment on swings sent through to him on WhatsApp.

Private Video Calls with Professional Golf Instructor Craig Hanson:

  • The Gold Membership includes 2 private video calls with professional golf instructor Craig Hanson.
  • The length of the calls is 15 minutes.
  • A calendar with available date and time slots is provided for scheduling the calls.
  • The video calls are offered via Zoom.