Craig Hanson

Professional Golf Instructor

Craig Hanson originally comes from Australia and has won 14 professional tournaments. Over 50 PGA professionals and leading amateur players have been taught by him over the years. He has worked with and learnt from the worlds most famous coaches. Additionally, Craig is the creator of World 🌎 Class Golf Instruction and gave over 40,000 lessons internationally. His following is growing fast with over 10 million views on YouTube!

Through the combination of his relentless self-study and information he has received from the best players and coaches in the business, you can relax in the knowledge that you are simply receiving the best information. Craig’s unique ability is, to take a complicated topic and make it clear and easy to understand!

The secret of improvement lies in the consistent application of great information.

Craig Hanson

A Couple of Minutes with Craig Hanson

Get to know Craig Hanson in this short video, where he answers you these questions:

What was your greatest learning experience as a coach?
What has been your best achievement as a golf coach?
What have been your best results as a player?
Why did you start World Class Golf Instruction?
Can you tell us a bit about your online golf lessons?

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