How To Record and Send Your Golf Swing

Step 1 – Record Your Golf Swing

For me to give you the best possible analysis, setting up your mobile phones and cameras plays an important role. Take the time to watch these short videos underneath to ensure your phone and camera alignments are in the correct positions.

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Step 2 – How to Send Your Swing

Please send a total of 4 swings. For example, it could be two 6 iron swings front and back view and perhaps two driver swings front and back. This of course depends on the student and the main areas where you are having issues. For another example, you may want to send two 50-meter pitch shots and two 6 iron swings or two bunker shots or even putting etc. Please send no more than a total of four swings. If it is your first online lesson you can also send me a close-up picture or video of your grip from the front view.I do like to receive information about your game. Please do not be concerned about sending too much information. You can include your age, handicap, which direction you are missing shots, where you tend to hit your shots on the club face or contact issues. The more information you send me the better. Anything that you think or feel may be relevant, even the history of your game can assist me.

Please only send one swing per email to ensure the file is small enough to send. Or use one of platforms listed below, to upload and share your swings with me.