The Series for Golfers 40+ Years and Older

The most comprehensive Series of all time! – Changing Golfers Lives!
The 40+ Video Series supplies you with cutting edge information that you’ve never seen before!

World ? Class Golf Instruction has specifically created this series for golfers 40+ Years and Older.

This series has been created not only to dramatically improve your distance from the tee. But to improve your all round ball striking!

  • Creating better compression
  • Stop flipping at impact
  • Improving shaft lean
  • Improved Path and Plane

And answer all of those unanswered questions!

The New PGA Tour SHORT GAME Motion!
Cutting edge information, the newest method on tour! Making getting the ball up and down so much easier! – NEVER SEEN!

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6 Separate Series

50+ Instruction Videos

For Golfers 40+ Years and Older

Charles Morgan is with World Class Golf

Having taken 20 years to figure out what Craig explained in one video All I can say Is Thank You! Back in the day I read every book and hit 1000’s of range balls to get that feel. Now after a long layoff I stepped out back and was compressing balls over the barn roof within a few minutes. A picture worth a 1000 swings, I believe Bryon Nelson said he couldn’t have a pocket watch on the right side because his downswing would wear his trousers out. Now I see why, thanks again for the effort.

Walter Garrison is with World Class Golf

I have watched a lot of stuff on the net. This platform is the best by a long shot it’s simply amazing! There is so much there for anyone regardless of what levels you are at you can search for your problem area and there it is. Brilliant!

Andrew Rosen is with World Class Golf

This is without a doubt the best self-teaching platform in the world. It’s simply amazing. Finally, something that gives all golfers the actual facts the right corridors to play better golf. Brilliant!

Graham is with World Class Golf

Just wanted to write a quick message to say I shot my lowest score last Saturday with 72, one over the par 71 for that course. It was also at a competition and I was playing off 12 handicap. I won the comp, haha. I subscribed to WCG in October 2021 and was then about 16 or 17 handicap, even though i’d shot a couple of rare rounds at 77 and 79 I was still regularly shooting 90+. I eventually filmed my swings and sent them over to Craig for my one and only swing analysis in February 2022, and have been practicing what he showed me ever since, and still refer back to it now. Focusing on getting my right knee over the ball before the hands (which took 5 months to finally get somewhere near right), and then on releasing the club properly, turning my forearms, instead of flipping it with my hands. I feel like I’ve finally got a swing I can repeat and rely on now. 18 months ago I was a 32 handicap, today I’m a 9. For the first time ever I’m a single digit handicap and I’m still in shock. Cheers Craig, this stuff definitely works if you put the effort in.

Bill Kendall is with World Class Golf is the best self-teaching platform I’ve ever seen. Craig Hanson is not only an innovator – he’s one of the best instructors.


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5 Courses On Demand + General Senior Videos

Watch any time, any place – and work through them in your own time. You have complete control over your golf practice.

General Senior Videos (29 Videos)

  • The Backswing Pivot!

  • The Head Rotation like Bernhard Langer!

  • The Backswing for Seniors!

  • Coordination and Balance!

  • Best Drill Ever for Seniors!

  • How to Analyse Your Golf Swing!

  • Senior Golfers! - Lets Get Started

  • SENIORS speed! - Fire those Muscles!

  • The Essential Element for Senior Golfers!

  • Sam Snead and Ben Hogan!

  • How to create more speed and better angles!

  • Making Ball Striking so much Easier!

  • Perfect Club Face and Wrist Motion!

  • One Simple Move for the Perfect Backswing!

  • Senior Golfers Tilt and Turn!

  • Fairway Woods and Feel!

  • Increase the Speed - Increase the Lag!

  • Fairway Woods and the Different Lies

  • A Great Drill to Help Us Improve Our Range of Motion

  • Moving off the Ball Can Actually Give Us More Swing but Don’t Lift Up

  • A Great Way to Improve Your Range of Motion and Loading

  • Different Types of Grip Pressures for Different Types of Shots

  • Lift and Replant the Left Heel Drill to Create Separation and More Power

  • A Great Way to Load up onto That Trail Leg

  • Seniors Let's Arch the Back and Hit It Further

  • Seniors Pick up Your Hand Speed as the Body Slows with Time

  • Seniors Golfers Improve More Distance and Power!

  • Setting up for Success

  • Welcome 50+ Year Old Golfers Let's Get Started

  • The Senior Chipping Project (35 Videos)

  • Seniors Golfers - Lower Scores!

  • Angle of attack - Ball Postion!

  • The Perfect Body Motion

  • The Cause and Effect Off Poor Contact!

  • The Perfect Set Up For Chipping!

  • The Lob Shot! - So Simple!

  • Programming Muscle Memory! - Front End Therapy.

  • Let’s Get Started!

  • The Best Drill Ever for your Short Game!

  • The Inner Workings of a Great Short Game Action

  • The Perfect Grip and Hand Motion

  • Lower Scores! - A Fascinating Look at the Facts About the Short Game!

  • Get Up and Down From the Semi Rough

  • Short Game Variation! - Feel and Flow!

  • Take Out All Tension - Build Your Confidence!

  • Play and Practice Under Pressure

  • Five Corridors - Test Your Skill

  • Putting off the Green

  • Chip and Run the Forgotten Shot

  • How to stop hitting Fat and Thin Shots

  • Visualization Is Paramount

  • Your Chipping Routine And Process

  • Semi Rough 3 Different Lies

  • Greenside down Hill Shot

  • Greenside Uphill Shot

  • Greenside Dead Hand Flop Shot

  • The Dead Hand Soft Lob Shot

  • Greenside Standard Soft Shot

  • Chipping to Steep? - Great Drill

  • Fix Getting Under Plane -

  • Rewind the Finish Position Drill

  • Low Point Control Tip & Drill

  • The correct body movement on chip shots

  • Stop Hitting Fat And Thin

  • Program Your Impact Create Muscle Memory

  • Senior Driver Series (13 Videos)

  • The Perfect Set Up for Driver!

  • Immediately Driving the BALL FURTHER!

  • Hit the Ball on the Way Up

  • The Correct Set up down the Line with the Driver

  • Best Separation Drill! - Feel the Stretch!

  • The Driver Move of the Greats!

  • A Fantastic Way to Improve Your Fast-Twitch Fibers

  • A Great Drill to Improve Your Range of Motion

  • Seniors Be Careful of This Move That Millions Do

  • Hit the Ball Further Immediately with This Simple Change

  • Seniors swing like the best!

  • Keep Your Chest Up

  • The Driver Station

  • Fitness (8 Videos)

  • How to increase your rotation!

  • Improving your range of your Motion!

  • Shoulder rotation!

  • The Airplane!

  • The Best Exercise For Your Hips!

  • A great Golf Related Exercise!

  • Reverse lunge + Rotation front view

  • Forward lunge and rotate!

  • Compression and Lag (2 Videos)

  • The Compression Guide!

  • The Best Drill Ever to Compress Your Iron Shots

  • Advanced Technique – How to Film (8 Videos)

  • Advanced Technique - The PGA Averages

  • The Downswing Move Golfers Really Need!

  • How to Build a Perfect Backswing

  • Advanced Technique - The PGA Averages!

  • Dr. Robert Neal - The LAG Drill!

  • A Great Feel for Advanced Players to Prevent Pulling the Ball

  • A Slight Sinking Movement in the Downswing!

  • Spin Formula - How to Spin Your Pitch Shots!

  • What You’ll Learn

    How to create better compression

    How to stop flipping at impact

    How to improve shaft lean

    How to improve Path and Plane

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