A Step-by-Step Approach to Perfecting Your Golf Setup

Here’s a systematic approach for setting up to the golf ball consistently, particularly for little chip shots. Begin by standing sideways to the target. Extend your arms forward and slightly angle your wrists downward (a movement known as ulna deviation). Next, connect your arms snugly to your ribs by lowering your entire upper body. When you shift your weight, avoid adjusting your wrists; instead, lower your entire stance. As you hinge at the hips, pay attention to the positioning of the ball, as it will greatly influence your shot. This setup differs from the usual golf shot process.

To recap: angle your wrists downward, connect your arms to your body, hinge at the hips, and add a subtle knee flex. Ensure your weight is shifted to the left, and maintain a raised right shoulder. Avoid leaning excessively forward.

Once you’ve shifted your weight and adjusted your stance, note the width between your heels, which should be about the length of one clubhead. Additionally, angle your lead foot outward to encourage rotation during the swing. Connect, hinge, flex, shift weight, and rotate your body accordingly.

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