Exploring the Deep De Shallow Method for Golf Swing Success

Hello everyone, Craig Hanson here, and welcome to Deep De Shallow, your gateway to smoother swings. I’m excited for you all to delve into this and witness the improvements in your ball striking. Today, we’re focusing on the setup and takeaway, incorporating a right-hand technique to enhance your positioning at the peak of your swing.

With Deep De Shallow, our emphasis lies in achieving a well-defined backswing position, one that minimizes errors. Drawing from my extensive experience of over 30,000 lessons across various countries and interactions with top coaches and players worldwide, we’ve observed a common trend among golfers—struggling with steep swings and lacking desired compression and lag on the ball. Through meticulous analysis using biomechanical sensors and high-speed cameras, we’ve identified key areas for improvement.

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In this session, we’ll concentrate on the initial address position. Deep De Shallow discourages a flat shoulder turn resulting from improper stance. Regardless of arm length, our goal remains achievable. I recommend a moderately narrow stance, which has notably benefited my own game by enhancing pivot and follow-through. Stand upright, palms resting on thighs, and hinge forward from the waist until your fingers align with the lower knees, fostering a slight rounding of the back. This posture facilitates better rotation and flexibility, crucial for generating power and maintaining swing fluidity.

Avoid the temptation to straighten everything out. Embrace the natural curvature, as it allows for a smoother swing. By aligning your chest closer to the ground, you naturally promote a steeper shoulder turn, bringing you closer to the optimal swing corridor preferred by top players. Maintaining a balanced stance, neither too upright nor excessively bent, is vital. A level turn undermines power and precision in your swing.

So, remember to stand tall, hinge forward, and maintain a slight bend in the knees. This setup optimizes your swing mechanics, ensuring a more efficient and effective strike.

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