How to Hit Straight Shots in Golf Every Time

Hello everyone! Let’s discuss the key elements for a successful setup from this front-facing perspective. This approach greatly simplifies achieving clean and consistent iron shots. We’ll walk you through the critical aspects of the address position. In a later video, we will delve into evidence-based material and explore acceptable parameters. Remember, not everyone stands the same way. Regardless of your skill level, you can discover the ideal address position to kick start your swing. This is of paramount importance, folks.

Now, let’s focus on the crucial elements of a solid setup for your mid to high irons. Starting with ball position, aim to place it in the center or just slightly left of that. Your stance should be marginally wider than your hip width, with your lead foot turned out slightly. This foot positioning encourages the rotational movement of your ankle, knee, thigh, and hip, which is what we’re aiming for. With a wide stance, it can be challenging for many to rotate effectively through the ball. So, keeping the stance slightly wider than your hips is a great approach. With the ball slightly left of center, aim for a forward shift of about 10 to 15 centimeters, which is the PGA Tour average. This shift promotes the hip rotation and turn, an essential aspect that we’ll delve into in this series. Senior players should aim to turn their hips at least 30 degrees, while the PGA Tour average is between 35 to 50 degrees. Let’s talk about weight distribution. Ideally, you should have a bit more pressure under the lead foot, roughly 5 to 10 percent more. This ensures better contact, cleaner strikes, and improved compression when hitting the ball and ground.

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Now, let’s address the shaft and lead arm alignment. For most golfers, the lead arm and the shaft should form a straight line. This is the common alignment you’ll see in players like Tiger Woods, Tommy Fleetwood, and Rory McElroy. Be cautious not to open the clubface, which tends to point right. To achieve this alignment, simply move your hands slightly forward so that if you were to release the golf club, it would land on the inside of your lead thigh. To recap, maintain the ball in the middle or slightly left, a moderately narrow stance, a slightly turned-out lead foot, and a weight bias towards the left side.

Despite these factors, remember to maintain a slightly backward spine angle. If you’re using a tool like the V1 Pro series, aim for an average spine angle of 83 to 85 degrees by aligning it with the left side of your body. This is illustrated in the following diagram.

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