Improve Your 80-120 Yard Approach Shots in Golf

For the more experienced players in our audience, let’s delve into the nuances of using a pitching wedge, executing a three-quarter wedge shot from around a hundred meters or a hundred and ten yards.

I’d like to take this opportunity to discuss the crucial aspect of achieving your desired direction in these shots. To elevate your golf game to its highest potential, consider the advice I’ve learned from working with top players on the global stage. 

When aiming for precision, the goal should be to land your shots within a narrow margin, approximately two meters to the left or right of the flag.

I understand that this may sound challenging, but for those aiming to reach an elite level, it’s a worthwhile objective in terms of direction. While there will be instances where shots veer beyond this range, the ideal scenario is to consistently hit shots directly at the flag or within a couple of meters to either side.

Achieving precise distance control poses its own set of challenges, given the various factors such as bunkers, slopes on greens, and wind. To put it in perspective, a golfer like Luke Donald, renowned for mastery in this aspect, averages around five yards from the hole. It’s essential to recognize that you don’t always have to land the ball within a meter, especially when watching highlights of PGA Tour rounds that often showcase the exceptional shots. 

Focus on honing your directional skills. If you frequently find your shots landing outside the two-meter corridor to the left or right of the flag, make a concerted effort to improve your accuracy. 

Ensure meticulous alignment, fixate on a specific target and distance, and proceed with your shots.

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Allow me to share a couple of tips for executing these shots. Many top players emphasize minimizing wrist movement and maintaining an angle in the trail wrist. Aim for a three-quarter motion, avoiding excessive hinge during the swing. Additionally, focus on keeping the lead hand’s logo pointing upward, a technique favored by numerous skilled players. Incorporate these insights into your routine, whether it’s a full or half routine, and concentrate on hitting the flag with the desired combination of distance and direction.

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