Mastering the Golf Takeaway: How to Fix Handle Lift and Improve Your Swing

Hello, everyone! 

I want to address a common issue in golf swings that affects many people worldwide. It’s about the takeaway and the handle lifting up, causing the club to move on the inside.

The challenge is that many struggle to fix this problem correctly and stick to a plan for improvement.

To become skilled at golf, it requires consistent effort and the right guidance, just like investing in stocks – there might be ups and downs, but if you stay on course, you’ll see progress.

Let’s focus on a particular aspect of the takeaway where golfers tend to bring the club too far inside, leading to excessive wrist movement and what some call “flexion and extension” of the wrist.

People often throw around these terms, but not everyone truly understands them. When the handle of the grip lifts up, it can cause the wrist to bend in awkward ways. In an attempt to correct this, golfers tend to push the club outside during the takeaway, which can lead to loss of connection and other issues.

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To make a meaningful change, you should practice the opposite motion. Sean Foley once referred to it as “exaggeration management.” This means working on the complete opposite move. Some successful golfers, like Corey Pavin, have used this technique to improve their swings, even if it may look unconventional.

So, instead of lifting the handle and going too far inside, focus on pushing the handle down and keeping your hands behind you during the takeaway. This helps counterbalance the common mistake of lifting the handle. Remember, practice and consistency are key to refining your golf swing.

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