Perfecting Shoulder Alignment for Optimal Golf Performance 

In this blog, I’m going to show you how the shoulders really work in golf. This information has the potential to transform your ball striking immediately, and I think you’ll be amazed. We’ve tested 500 PGA Tour professionals, thanks to Dr Robert Neal, one of the world’s leading biomechanics golf instructors. We’ll show you the precise movements of the shoulders and how they contribute to a successful swing. We’ll examine both club players and professional athletes, and I’ll share some innovative drills that you probably haven’t seen before. Stay tuned until the end of the video for valuable insights and practical tips. 

We’ll keep things simple as we analyse the shoulder plane at the top of the swing, drawing it down to a point one yard outside the ball, which corresponds to 41 degrees. Keep this number in mind. Throughout the swing, we can be technical without being mechanical. When the arms are halfway through the swing, you’ll notice that this angle is halved, measuring 55 degrees. These positions are crucial, and you’ll see how closely top players adhere to them. Let’s quickly review some examples. Rory McIlroy at the top of his swing forms a 40-degree angle, and when his arms are halfway through, it’s 55 degrees. Understanding why this happens is important because it creates a positive chain reaction throughout the rest of the swing. 

Craig Hanson

Now let’s look at Adam Scott, often considered to have one of the best swings in golf. He measures 42 degrees halfway through and 55 degrees at the top. These consistent positions are not limited by gender; they are evident in the best swings across the sport. 

Reflecting on this, I wish I had known about these principles years ago. Many golfers fail to reach their potential due to a lack of proper understanding. This shoulder movement is fundamental to a great golf swing. Let’s also consider Sam Snead, one of the greatest ball strikers ever. His swing follows the same pattern: 40 degrees at the top and 55 halfway through. I hope more people become aware of the swing analysis training we offer, which can improve your game by 4 to 11 shots through world-class instruction. Our training, similar to this YouTube video, includes personalized swing analysis and direct contact via WhatsApp, helping you play the best golf of your life. 

This shoulder movement is a constant in the golf swing, regardless of variations in hand positions or wrist angles. Understanding and mastering this element can make all the difference in your game. 

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