The Perfect Finish Position!

Greetings, fellow golf enthusiasts. Let’s shift our focus to a crucial phase: the finish position. 

Although it might seem less intricate compared to other aspects of your swing, it holds the key to excellence.

 Here’s the essence: perfecting your final stance and achieving equilibrium is the cornerstone of a remarkable golf swing. Consider remarkable players like Mcllroy watch how they smoothly roll onto the outer edge of their foot during their turn. 

Understanding these elements is your path to an impressive impact position, where your arms align seamlessly with your body, and your club generates maximum speed.

As we delve deeper into the finish position, pay attention to a few key details. 

Strive to bring your knees and thighs close together, as if they could zip up. Introduce a touch of side bend and neck tilt, ensuring your right eye stays lower than the left, keeping your right side lower than the left. 

Avoid being too level, as this could lead to a steep club path and hinder energy transfer through the shot. Maintaining the bend and ensuring your right arm remains beneath the left is your ticket to a solid impact position.

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Now, let’s zero in on the finish pos . Observe my front foot in the video above – I’m rolling onto its outer edge, enabling lateral movement. 

While rolling, turning, and maintaining side bend during the final stance, be cautious not to thrust your chest too far ahead of your belt buckle. To practice this, replicate the finishing stance with knees together, a hint of side bend, and maintain your balance. No need for a club; practice to refine your posture and stability.

Many golfers encounter challenges opening their hips and achieving the right amount of lateral movement. Synchronize your club’s timing with your legs and aim to graze your leg as you come through for significant improvement.

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