Understanding the Importance of the Top of the Golf Swing

So, guys right let’s talk about this move from the top of the golf swing the great players and how they make it look so easy what are they feeling what are they doing well let’s have a look at it because this is a really really important area and we want to try and keep it simple. Now you don’t need this hang-eye practice with this to be honest I practice with this all the time because it really helps me shadow out my downswing something I get a little bit this way so I’m trying to get that club we all need to work in our golf swings right so this is a great way for me to feel that now from the top of the swing.

We’re seeing these great players the bottom part of this elbow push in so they’re able to get the right elbow to move a little bit closer and what that does in effect is it gets this lead wrist to move in a little bit more in a flex position which shallows the club right but it also once you start pushing that  elbow in a little bit getting that right elbow to move in a little bit this way what it does is it helps squeeze the elbows together and gets the club of that right elbow a little bit more in front of the hip and we’re stopping that internal rotation. See the club head there?

That’s pretty like a natural thing to do. That’s why we don’t want to aim right. Alright, because it just, we want to aim straight that position there now this right hand for you guys out there if you’ve got your mobile phone all right and you’re you’re getting a visual effect here a great picture and you need great pictures when you’re practicing your technique and you that foam to point slightly down, we’ve got that right wrist in a great position.

That’s why I practice with this thing so much because I set up the hanger, you know, a couple of finger widths away from my forearm And then when I get up to the top I touch the hanger and then I just keep it here  And it just gives me it shallows out my plane and it gives me a little bit of width for myself because I get a lot of lag and from here I can move it into a position through the golf ball and then I let the ring touch the other forearm to really release the club and  it’s probably the best training aid I mean I just use it all the time come in and we start to get this gap between the elbow, which just makes the delivery almost impossible. Feel that elbow pushing down into your downswing, into impact, it’s really a wonderful place to be in your golf swing.

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