A Closer Look at this Game-Changing Golf Drill

Alright everyone, let’s delve into this drill. Take a moment to observe and practice it. Familiarize yourself with the technique because who knows, it might come in handy on the golf course. Personally, I’ve incorporated this drill into my own game after extensive practice, and I’ve found it to be remarkably effective. The focus here is on the downswing, where we make a subtle adjustment by slightly lowering the head. It’s essential to keep the ball in your mind’s eye and maintain clean contact. While you might initially hit a few shots heavy, what this adjustment does is crucial. Often, golfers tend to lift up and pull away at the top of their swing, resulting in flattened shoulders and a high right hip.

By lowering the head slightly, we can raise the lead shoulder, promoting a more consistent swing path and quieter right side. This can particularly benefit players struggling to attack the ball from the inside. Looking at data from biomechanics specialist Dr. Robert Meal, the tour average sees players descend about three inches into the downswing. While this may not be easy for all club players initially, it’s about finding the sweet spot that works for your swing. So, let’s give it a try. Focus on sinking slightly and incorporating a bit of neck tilt through impact. Instead of using your legs, engage your head in the movement. Maintain concentration on the ball throughout. As you drop your head, you may notice a slight break in your legs. While many players emphasize loading and pushing into the lead leg, for this drill, concentrate on sinking the head. As you move through the ball, retain some neck tilt to ensure a solid strike.

By incorporating these adjustments, you’ll find yourself in a better position at the end of your swing, with improved side bend and contact. It’s a fantastic feeling when you can align your swing more closely with the averages seen among top players.

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