Drills to Keep Your Swing on Track

Hi everyone! Today, we’re releasing a fascinating article where we’ll explore different perspectives and understand the impact of the release on both average club players and advanced golfers. This is a crucial topic as it affects millions of golfers worldwide who struggle with this aspect of their swing.

We’ll cover key points and provide valuable drills, including a unique exercise called “front-end therapy” that you likely haven’t encountered before. This will help us all gain a better understanding of the role of our hands, wrists, and club head through the golf ball.

First, we’ll examine the release for both average golfers and advanced players, focusing on major checkpoints. Using evidence-based material and slow-motion clips, we’ll delve into what’s really happening. For instance, notice how the lead wrist is bowed and moves into flexion, positioning the club behind the hands effectively. This is evident in models like Nellie Korda, where the lead wrist’s position at the top of the swing and down into the impact zone is crucial.

For average golfers, we’ll discuss how to achieve a proper release, aiming for the toe of the club to point toward 12 o’clock. The “front-end therapy” drill is particularly beneficial here. For advanced players, we’ll examine a more subtle release technique to avoid over-drawing the ball, with checkpoints such as the sweet spot pointing toward nine o’clock and the lead wrist positioned correctly.

Throughout this video, we’ll address common confusions, particularly regarding the lead wrist’s movement. By the end, golfers of all levels will have practical insights and drills to improve their release, enhancing their overall game. Let’s dive in!

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