Refine Your Rhythm: Tempo and Timing Drills for a Smoother Swing

Alright everyone, one of the best drills you can practice is deliberately aiming left and then trying to hit the ball straight. This helps your shoulder move into an external position rather than an internal one, particularly affecting your right arm. To do this, aim left like Fred Couples. As you reach the top of your swing, pay attention to what your hands, shoulders, and body need to do. It’s not about pushing your arms back behind you but getting a feel for the movement. You’ll notice that your shoulder and hands start to flatten and your elbow moves into an external position, aligning with your hand and bringing the club into the right spot.

This drill helps you avoid having your hand in front of your elbow. Aiming left helps you understand how the club should move. When you then aim to the right and hit a shot, you’ll notice how your shoulder wants to come over the top. This drill is like medicine for your swing, positioning your shoulder and body correctly. It’s better to exaggerate good habits rather than bad ones. So, one of the best drills is to aim slightly left and try to hit straight. This will help your elbow and shoulder work into an optimal position.

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